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"For a large part of my life I have been involved with sports and exercise including body building and wrestling.  I always wanted to try martial arts but I guess it was the fear of the unknown that held me back. I have known Rodriguez Sensei for years and have always had great respect for him and admired his dedication to his family, friends and his martial arts training.  When Sensei invited me to his dojo to train I was honored but declined at first due to my fear of the unknown.  How could I start training at 33 years old?  Will I be able to keep up with the other students in class? How could I do that karate stuff they show on the television? Will I feel embarrassed to learn new stuff in front of a class? In August of 2004 I finally decided to try it out and have loved every minute of my training since.  The guys in class, many of which have been training for years, made me feel very welcome from day one.  Everyone in class helps each other and the fears that had been holding me back gradually disappeared.   The training has been fun and makes me feel stronger both mentally and physically.  I would definitely recommend that anyone interested should come out and give it a try.  Crossroads Training is a great place to train and Rodriguez Sensei is a true teacher."  Mark A. Logullo

"The training with Andy Rodriguez is the literally the crossroads of years of martial arts study. Here the practitioner has the benefit of years of experience, research, open sharing of information, and practical application.  Yet the school is anchored in the roots of what makes karate-do a timeless art and whose discipline helps to shape the artist into the art itself. Central to our success is and our teacher, Sensei Rodriguez.   Rodriguez Sensei pursuit is of the fulfillment of the art, not the inflation of the ego, yours or his.  This has made the school a living, growing and great learning experience for me."     Kurt Peppler

"Sensei Rodriguez's enthusiasm is contageous. His energy and passion
for the martial arts are both inspiring and motivating."     Dave Golpira

"I started in the Martial Arts at the age of 27. That's when I met an individual almost 1/2 my age. I was impressed with his abilities then and even more impressed with his knowledge and abilities today. I've known Sensei Rodriquez for over 20 years and I've never met anyone that puts as much time and effort into the Martail Arts as he does. A true and traditional Okinawan Martial Arts School."    Joe Murray